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Evolving Agents: The Tron Server

The Tron system maintains a population of 100 ``live'' agents on the foreground server. For each game, an agent is drawn at random from it. The game results are stored in a database. A generation lasts until all 100 agents have played a minimum number of games: new agents play at least 10 games, while veterans from previous generations play only 5 games.

With a proportion of 90 veteran agents and 10 rookies on the population, a generation consists of approximately 450 games by veterans and 100 by novices, thus untested agents play about 18% of all games.

When all agents have completed their minimum number of games, the current generation finishes: agents are sorted by fitness; the worst 10 are eliminated and replaced by 10 fresh ones, supplied by a the novelty engine. A new generation begins (fig. 3.4).


Pablo Funes