Israeli flag at half-mastOf Blessed Memory - Zichronam Livracha

This site is a memorial to all those murdered in Israel through Islamic terrorism. This site is divided among news, personal memorials, and the Memorial Wall.

The news page has a collection of articles and links to articles, gathered from various news sources on the net, which relate to Islamic terrorism in Israel. You can also find list and descriptions of terrorist attack victims, as they become available.

The personal memorials page is to link this site to personal web-based memorials to individuals or groups of people murdered by Islamic terrorists.

The Memorial Wall page is to allow any user to post their personal feelings and condolences on this site for a perpetual memorial to those murdered.

March 3rd, 1996 1:30am EDT

Note that the Israeli flag at the top of this page is at half-mast. This is to shown the fact that we mourn the loss of all those murdered in Israel. If you would like to show your solidarity with the people in Israel and your sense of loss for those murdered, please add the flag to your web pages. For information on variations on the flag design and how to add it to your page, see our flag page. This campaign was started in conjunction with the Young Israel of Cornell.

March 7th, 1996 6:15pm EDT

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