News on Islamic Terrorism in Israel

This page is an effort to collect links to news articles concerning Islamic terrorism in Israel. The Nando News provides two very good indexes on articles for the February 25/26th attacks and the March 3rd/4th attacks. I collected some of the Shomron News dispatches after the MArch 3rd and March 4th bombings, and have posted them here. CNN has provided a summary of events and an index to recent articles as well.

I plan to provide lists and descriptions of victims here as soon as I can get updated and accurate lists. Right now you can access the lists of names from the March 3rd and March 4th bombings.

If you know of good and consistent news sources that you think should be linked here, please e-mail me at Thanks.

Nando News

Coverage of the Israel-Hizbullah conflict

Coverage of March 3rd, 4th bombings in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv

Coverage of the February 25th bombing and Febraury 26th attack in Jerusalem


Struggle for Peace

Shomron News

March 4th Bombing Coverage

March 3rd Bombing Coverage

Jerusalem Post

Jerusalem Post Main Page

iGuide Net News Xtra

Latest Israel News

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