This is a collection of documents relating to research I am currently doing for school and elsewhere. The Majdanek bibliography and other related documents are for my research for the Nizkor Project run by Ken McVay in Canada. I recently travelled to Majdanek in Lublin, Poland to do more detailed research and will be publishing my findings on the Net this fall. This research is supported by grants from the Brandeis Undergraduate Fellows Program and the Sachar Fund research program.
German Jewry on the Eve of Destruction
This is a paper I wrote on the action of the German Jewish communities during the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party. Could they have saved themselves?
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Majdanek Communique
This is a reproduction of the communique produced by the joint Polish-Soviet commitee of inquiry into the crimes committed by the Germans in the Majdanek extermination camp. This was originally published in Moscow in 1944. I provide a web viewable version and the original Mac version as I created it.
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Annotated Majdanek Bibliography
This is a bibliography I put together of all the major sources, in English, on Majdanek.
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Shoes at Majdanek(b&w)

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