Bill's Ball Buster

Designed by Bill Cutler.
(wood, 3.5 inches, 11 pieces and 5 ball bearings)

Eleven pieces in a 2-4-5 configuration. Takes 5 balls (it came with 4 inside and you are asked to put the 5th in). Two are in a notch near the top of 11. The other three can be in a portion of the bottom part of piece 11 when it is pushed up, but in order to get 11 in place, they must be shaken out into other places that lock up the other pieces. Number the ends as follows:

1. Jiggle the balls if necessary and move 11 up.
2. Two balls are always in a notch near the top of 11;
   jiggle the other three so that they are in a cavity at the bottom of 11.
3. Slide 8 up (1 and 2 get dragged with it).
4. The balls will now all fall out.
5. Slide 5 out.
6. Slide 11 out.
7. Slide 3 and 10 out.
8. Remove 7 and 9.
9. Remove 4.
10. Remove 6.
11. 1, 2, and 8 now come apart.
1. Assemble the puzzle without the balls by reversing the disassembly.
2. Slide 11 and 8 up (8 gets 1 and 2 dragged with it).
3. Put the two balls in the top and then slide a pencil through
   the puzzle to keep them from coming out.
   Then turn the puzzle over and put the other three balls in.
4. Slide 8 down (dragging 1 and 2 with it) as you carefully remove your pencil.
5. Shake the three balls so they leave the bottom of 11; then slide 11 down.