Burry Joint

Designed by Bill Cutler and made by Jerry McFarland 2000.
(wood, 3 inches, 13 pieces + 2 pins)

Looks like the Wausau '82 puzzle, but different inside; here are excerpts from the puzzle sheet (copyright by and courtesy of Bill Cutler):
  1. Position the puzzle on a table so the group of three are vertical and the group of six with the dot is facing you, with the dot on the right (upsidedown from the figure).
  2. Give the puzzle a hard spin clockwise to move the pins into their holes.
  3. Simultaneously, the center rod of the three goes up, the rod with the dot comes out toward you, and the rod to its left goes back away from you. You will see the pins in the ends of the rod with the dot and the one next to it (take them out so you don't lose them).
  4. Now the puzzle comes apart.