Computer's Choice Unique-10

Designed by Bill Cutler 1990, unique level 10, 7 holes.
(Mahogany, 3.5 inches)

One of 18 similar unique level 10 burrs discovered by Bill Cutler with a computer program. It can be disassembled by moving (1) C /E forward 1 unit, (2) F up 2 units, (3) A back one unit, (4) D /F right 1 unit, (5) F down 2 units, (6) F forward 1 init, (7) D left 1 unit, (8) A/E back one unit, (9) B/C/F right one unit, (10) B down one unit. Note that some would consider this 11 moves since for "move" 8, both A and E can move back without dragging the other. To assemble, rather than inserting B into the pieces appropriately oriented, it may be easier to orientate things with CD facing up, and hold A/D/E (appropriately positioned) in your left hand and B/C/F (appropriately positioned) in your right hand to perform steps 10 and 9.