Tri Again

Designed by F. Potts, made by E. Fuller 2008, purchased from Cubic Dissection.
(Walnut and Maple, 3 inches)

Six pieces with magnetic tips assemble to look like a three piece burr (e.g., Just The Three). The pieces are all identical; here are photos of different views of them:

Here are photos of pulling apart the whole assembly and an assembly of four:

The solution is almost as much of a dexterity puzzle as a logic puzzle, where there is only one way to put two together that will lead to a solution, then it is easy to spread them apart and put in the next two, then harder to spread apart the four to get in the fifth, and then after pushing everything back together, a bit tricky with only two hands to get in the sixth piece. Here is a photo of the assembly of four with the two remaining pieces still to be put in: