a.k.a. Bullseye, Target, Zot
Very old design, this one made by J. A. Storer 2007.
(wood box 3.5 by 6.5 by 1.25 inches, 11 wood pieces, and a brass clip;
shown on page 8 of the 1942 Filipiak book)

Move the red square to the middle by sliding the pieces. Hordern's book speculates that this puzzle may have began as a mistake when attempting to make the Get My Goat puzzle; it is the same except that the upper right corner is two pieces instead of a single piece (this version allows one to join these two pieces with a brass clip if one wants to play Get My Goat). Hordern's optimal solution of 17 steps shown below (along with an 18th step to adjust the final position) does not need to use the left column.

Zot Skor-Mor

Skor-Mor Co., 1107 E. Kimberly Ave., Anaheim, CA
top:"FUN FOR ALL AGES / Made Of Hardwood
sides: "ZOT Puzzle"
bottom: "SKOR-MOR CORP./ 1107 E. KIMBERLY AVE. ANAHEIM CALIF. 92801 / EE17"
(cardboard box and 12 wood pieces, 5.25" x 4" x 1/2")

Zot Peterson Games

Peterson Games, 1972
(cardboard box with 12 wood pieces, 6.25" x 6.25" x 1/2")

Pieces are the same as for the Skor-Mor version, each 1.25" x 1.25" x 1/2". The box says:
top: "ZOT! Peterson Games / c 1972"
left side: "Peterson Puzzles and games are designed primarily for adults and teenagers, however, they are both educational and challenging for children as young as nine years old."
right side: "Stimulate someone's imagination with a Peterson Puzzle or Game"
bottom: "ZOT! Peterson Games / NO. 111"

Zot Peterson Games - The Directions In The Box Top

These directions have ? ? ? in the top row of the finish position, perhaps to encourage one to wonder whether the puzzle can be solved with Z and T ending in their original positions. The Hordern solution uses 17 moves to leave T at the upper left and Z at the upper middle, and an eighteenth move to move Z to the upper right, and makes no use of the last row. However, there is no way to solve the puzzle ending with Z and T in their original positions. On the other hand, if the large circle graphics are ignored and the problem is just to move the dot from the top middle to the third row middle, the puzzle can be solved in 10 moves with the Z and T ending in their original positions (again making no use of the last row). Note that, even ignoring the large circle graphics, it still takes 18 moves to end with T at the upper left and Z at the upper right.

Zot Solution

Zot Solution When Circle Graphics Ignored