Checkerboard Puzzle

a.k.a. All Square Novelty Puzzle, Check-A-Board, Tyr & Do It,
Famous Checkerboard Puzzle, Weekly Telegraph Chessboard Puzzle

Left: Made 1940's by a relative of J. A. Storer who lived in up-state New York.
(wood cigar box and painted pieces cut from 1/4" masonite, with 1" squares)
Right two: J. F. Friedel Co., Syracuse, N.Y, circa 1940's.
(6.5 by 8 by 1" cardboard box and 12 cardboard pieces with 1+3/8" squares;
top edge says "Mfg. by J. F. FREDEL CO. Syracuse N.Y.";

Arrange the pieces to make a standard 8 by 8 checkerboard. There are 10 distinct pieces and two of the 5-unit Z's. Shown on pages 70-73 of the Haubrich book, which lists a unique solution (shown above). Here is another version made in Great Britian:

All Square Novelty Puzzle, Frederick Warne & Co.,
London and NY, circa 1930's?

(6.25 x 6.25 x 13/16 inch cardboard box
and 12 wood pieces based on 15/16" squares 1/8 inch thick;
directions on the back of the box)

Note: Frederick Warne & Co. is the publisher of
the 1893 Hoffmann book.