The Bug House Puzzle

The Bug House Puzzle, E.I.H. Co. and F&K, 1912.
(cardboard box and 14 distinct metal pieces, 2.1 by 3.1 by 1/2 inches;
inside box top gives directions and manufacture;
shown on the cover and on pages 150-151 of the Haubrich book,
which gives the manufacture date,
identifies "E. I. Horsman Co." and "Forsheim & Koningsberg", NY,
and lists this puzzle as having 141 solutions, one of which is shown below)

Note: There were a number of variations of this puzzle made. This one is the same as page 150-151 of the Haubrich book if the pieces with dots in the photo above are taken to be black; however, the dots shown in the Haubrich book are not in the same locations.