Famous Baffling Checkerboard Puzzle

Vasen Mfg. Co., Davenport, Iowa, 1928.
(cardboard box and 14 distinct cardboard pieces, 4.25 by 4.25 by 5/8 inches;
inside box bottom says you can send 10 cents to get three different solutions;
shown on pages 158-164 of the Haubrich book,
which lists this puzzle as having 84 solutions, one of which is shown above)

Note: Pages 165-174 of the Haubrich book show puzzles that are the same except for the colors reversed, and pages 183-187 of the Haubrich book include the same box top where if the pieces for those puzzles have the colors reversed, they are the same except for one (and the same as Xcel Checkerboard Puzzle No. 1).