Coffin's Double Play X-48

Designed and made by Stewart Coffin, 2014.
(wood, 3" face to face, both outer and inner puzzles are signed;
the inner puzzle is a variation of the Garnet;
one of 4 puzzles purchased during a visit with the designer in 2014)

Here is what the designer says in the directions that came with the puzzle:
"Design X-48. This is a continuation of Double Play, begun with X-40, in which a Garnet is enclosed by a Scrambled Scorpius. Here the Super-Scrambled Version is used. The axis for the first step of disassembly coincides with the axis of symmetry of the light colored wood (maple). It is also marked by three pencil dots. No force or tools are required, just squeezing in the right places. Woods are maple, poplar, rosewood, and chakta. Joints are doweled. The Garnet is a new version, encountered here for the first time, and identified as the Double C, Three-Block Key. Woods are maple, poplar, kauri, lacewood, rosewood, and bocote. Five made in April, 2014."
Because the inner puzzle is hollow, this puzzle can be viewed as a box inside a box. Here are phases of disassembly; numbers in the last photo are an order that pieces are removed from the inner puzzle (a steeper cut on an inside edge allows piece 3 to come out):