Crazy Cube 2x3x3

Made in China, 2010.
(plastic, 1.6 inches high by 2.2 inches square,
yellow opposite white, blue opposite green, red opposite orange)

A smaller puzzle in the theme of the Crazy Cube 3x3x3. Each side can be flipped 180 degrees as in a standard Rubik 2x3x3. cube. In the solved state shown above with yellow on top, when grasping the bottom and rotating the top, the yellow face rotates about the center circle. After one flip of an edge, holding the bottom and rotating the top turns the entire top face as with a standard Rubik 2x3x3 cube and rotates the circle in the bottom. Each successive flip of an edge reverses the relative movement of top and bottom. That is, one full side is always connected to the center circle of the other. Here are four successive moves of flip right, rotate top 90 degrees clockwise, flip right, rotate top 90 degrees clockwise: