Cross Teaser

Tobar Co. Challenge Games 2006; also sold by Recent Toys Internatioal.
(plastic, 4.75 inches diameter by 1 inch thick)

Eight three dimensional cross pieces each have a tip facing the top, a tip facing the bottom, two tips facing horizontally, and two tips facing vertically. A move consists of flipping a cross towards the empty position. For example, in the photo above, the cross in the center of the top row can be flipped down to the middle, leaving the to horizontal ends the same, causing the top and bottom tips to face vertically, and causing the formally vertical tips to face the the top and bottom. The goal is to mix up the puzzle then restore it so that there is a single copor of tips facing the top and a single color facing the bottom. The solved puzzle shown above has red tips on top, and below is a photo of the other side that has blue tips. This puzzle is similar to RollingCubes. Jaap's Page presents a solution.

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