Devised by Stephen Leslie, Copyright 1976 Onsworld Limited, England.
(four plastic cubes, clues and solution cards, cardboard box 1+5/8" x 1+5/8" x 6.5")

In a theme a bit like Instant Insanity, arrange the cubes so that all sides show an English word. Although the solution included has the letters in correct orientation on all sides, the directions do not say if it is allowed to have a letter on its side or upside down, and the letters, N/Z, U/C, H/I can be read differently depending on orientation. In the diagram above the letters on the outer and inside faces have their correct orientations, except the R and T on the right of the second and third cubes are rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise, and the D on the right of the fourth cube is flipped horizontally. Here are the "clues" and solution cards provided:

Here are the top and bottom of the box:

Here are the front and back of the box: