Czech Farms

Designed by Bill Cutler and made by Walt and Chris Hoppe, 2008.
(25 wood pieces, each 3/16 inch thick, solved puzzle is 6.5 inch diameter circle)

Pack the 25 pieces to form a circle; here is what the directions say:
"These pieces can be used to tile the plane non-periodically. They are a variation of the Penrose "Kites and Darts" tiles. Each barn is equivalent to the Penrose "Dart" piece, and the silos and tractors are each one-half of a "Kite" piece."
The graphics on the 25 pieces are:
(5) barn with a silo
(5) barn with a double silo
(5) barn (no silo) with a tractor
(5) barn (no silo) with a tractor towing a cart
(3) barn with a double silo and tractor
(2) barn with a silo and tractor towing a cart

Note: The directions say that some puzzles were made with the quanties 3 and 2 reversed.
Further Reading
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