Decoy Puzzle

Designed by Stewart Coffin, made by Eric Fuller 2013.
(Ebony, Canarywood, Sapele, acrylic plastic top, 3.75" x 3.75" x 7/8";
6 puzzle pieces with the shapes shown above)

The plastic top has some rectilinear openings through which the pieces can be inserted and manipulated. Remove the pieces, mix them up, and then re-insert them. The underside has a rim that allows one to play with piece assembly without the plastic on top. Here is what the puzzle maker says:
"I've constructed this with a solid Sapele body, shouldered on the corners for strength. The acrylic top is precision cut on the laser and the bottom is a solid floating canarywood panel chosen for contrast against the dark ebony. The fit is precise, with rounded corners to enable the very tricky rotational solution."
The puzzle maker also quotes from the designer:
"The three puzzles in this category all have a 5x5 square two-sided tray. On the back side is a simple framed square for practice exercises. The front side has a Plexiglas cover with openings cut in it through which the puzzle pieces are inserted. Of these three, The Decoy (#187-A) is by far the most difficult and my favorite. It is the only one that requires a slightly loose tray or rounding of corners to solve."