Dino Cube

a.k.a. Dinosaur Cube
Described in patent of J. Holloway 2000, first manufactured in the mid 1990's,
left: custom made from a Rainbow Cube mechanism by D. Calvo 2007,
middle two: sold by SMAZ 2011,
right: sold by Mefferts 2011 (a similar cube made by Mf8 and sold on Amazon.com 2018).

(All are plastic, left 2.3 inches, others 2.2 inches,
left three: yellow opposite orange, pink opposite red, blue opposite white
right: yellow opposite white, blue opposite green, red opposite orange)

Each corner can twist. Below are photos of the other three sides and of the puzzle mixed up:

Next to Six Spots (which can be viewed as a simplier version of the Dino Cube) and Pyraminx Duo, the Dino Cube is one of the most easy (but fun) Rubik's type puzzles. Hold the cube with one corner facing up and determine what colors must go on what faces. Start by solving just this upward facing corner. Then do the three adjacent corners to it. Finally, the corner facing down may just need to be rotated. Three-deep reasoning can be used, like "to rotate this triangle into place, I need to first rotate this corner so it doesn't get messed up (and then rotate it back afterwards), and before doing that I should rotate this other corner so it doesn't get messed up (and rotate it back afterwards)". This reasoning works because you don't care what happens to the bottom corner until the end, when it will end up solved except for rotating it.

Further reading:
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