Dino Star

Made in Hungary, circa 1980's?
(plastic, 2.25 inches across minimum dimension, 3.5 inches across farthest points;
white body with colors red, light blue, dark blue, green, yellow, brown, gray, black;
the same puzzle was also made with different color schemes,
including orange, yellow, red, blue, and green bodies)

Each of the six points can rotate, and the object is to make a circle of the same color on each of the six faces on which the points sit.

This puzzle is commonly referred to as the "Dino Star" because it is logically the same puzzle as the Dino Cube. Each of the six points corresponds to a corner of the Dino Cube. When a point rotates, 3 pairs of colors move. For example, looking at the photo above, when rotating the forward facing point, the circle of red rotates, and as it does, the red and blue segments rotate together (as do the other two red segments with the two other colors that cannot be seen in the photo). These pairs of colors that move together correspond to the pairs of triangles that move together on the Dino Cube (a total of 12 pairs in either puzzle). To color the Dino Cube to be like the Dino Star, start with a blank cube and draw a circle of a unique color around each corner; the result will be each triangle pair having two different colored arcs on it: