Dudeney 1920's Books
Dudeney (who lived in England 1847-1930) is famous designer of mathematical puzzles. These books have overlapping content and have been published in many editions. Although the main focus is mathematical puzzles, there is significant material relating to mechanical puzzles and mechanical puzzle design (2-dimensional geometry, broken chessboard, Fifteen puzzle, etc.).

The Canterbury Puzzles
by H. E. Dudeney

(Thomas Nelson And Sons,
London and NY 1919 2nd edition,
"With Some Fuller Solutions
and Additional Notes",
8x6", hard cover with jacket, 255 pages;
first published 1907)

Amusements In Mathematics
by H. E. Dudeney

(Thomas Nelson and Sons,
London and NY 1917 1st edition,
8 by 5.57 inches, hard cover, 258 pages)

The World's Best Word Puzzles
by Henry Ernest Dudeney

(Daily News Publications,
London 1925 1st edition,
7.5 by 5 inches, hard cover, 124 pages;
3 pages of book adds at the end)

Modern Puzzles
by Henry Ernest Dudeney

(C. Arthur Pearson,
London 1926 1st edition,
7.4 by 5.2 inches, hard cover, 190 pages;
2 pages of book adds at the end)

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