Dustin Puzzle

Patented by F. G. Dustin 1935
this one made by Diniar Namdarian 2013; sleeve made by J. A. Storer.

(Laser cut plastic, 4.75" x 4.75" x 1/4";
base is 1/8" thick, tray edge is 1/8", thick and pieces are 1/8" thick)

Looks like the Fifteen, puzzle at first, until you notice that pieces, except for piece 15, are joined together in pairs. Described on page 151 of Hordern's book, who notes that are a number of ways to solve it. The designer has made the pieces sufficiently tight so that solution is possible but not via Figure 4 shown in the Dustin patent:

Further Reading
Dustin Patent,, from: www.uspto.gov - patent no. 1,993,211