ELZZUP Puzzle Co., Keene, N.H., circa 1900.
(3.3" x 3.3" x 3/4" wood box and 10 wood pieces)

This puzzle was sold in 2011 by a person who said it had been owned by Eleanor Dows of Laurel Mass., the sister of his grandfather, who was born in 1890. The back of the box top has her name in pencil, and her name and the town of Laurel Mass. is burned into the box bottom. The arrangment of the pieces into a square is not unique. In the spirit of the Anchor Puzzle Tangram, the goal is to make fun patterns with the pieces.

The Drueke Version Of ElZZUP

Wm. F. Drueke & Sons, Grand Rapids, MI, circa 1940's - 1960's.
(top: cardboard box 3.2"x3.2"x1/2", problem booklet, and 10 wood pieces;
middle: plastic box 8"x8"x1.2", problem & solution booklets, 10 wood pieces;
bottom: cardboard box 7.5"x7.5"x3/4", problem & solution booklets, 10 wood pieces)

In the same theme as the Anchor Puzzle Tangram, all three of these versions present 57 pages of 200 shapes to make. The first version above has only a problem booklet, which also includes English, French, and Spanish pages at the beginning that indicate that the puzzle may be purchased by mail for 50 cents, and that a solution booklet can be ordered for 25 cents; the back of this booklet shows how to pack the pieces into the box.

Drueke ELZZUP Shapes

Drueke ELZZUP Problem Pages
(from the 8x8" version)

Drueke ELZZUP Solution Pages
(from the 8x8" version)