Flowered Jewel

a.k.a. Jewel Puzzler, Christoph's Magic Jewel, Christoph Bandelow's Jewel
Left made in Taiwan circa 1990, right made by Mefferts 2010.
(left: plastic, 2 inches between square faces, opposite colors are
magenta / yellow, green / white, orange / red, blue / gold;
right: 2.6" between square faces, all squares are brown, opposite colors are
yellow / light blue, red / orange, purple / pink, green / blue)

Like the Octahedron, but without tips (it has the same dimensions and appears to have the same origin of manufacture). A puzzle like this but with less interesting graphics was sold as Christoph's Magic Jewel, and more recently by Meffert's as Christoph Bandelow's Jewel.

Here views of the other 7 hexagonal faces: