Constrained Burrs

Designed by Logan Kleinwaks, made by Eric Fuller 2013.
(right, "Bookend Burr", Holly, Walnut, Ash, 2.5"x2.25"x2.75", level 10;
(middle, "Clamped Burr", Holly, Walnut, Ash, 2.25"x 3"x2.6", level 15;
right, "Cornered Burr", Walnut, Cherry, Ash, 2+5/8" square, level 14)

Beautifully made with high levels for rectlinear moves solutions. Shorter solutions may be possible with non-rectilear moves. For example, to remove a piece from the Cornered Burr with just three moves and some additional twisting, start by sliding the top piece to the right (if it looks like on the left below, re-orient the puzzle so it looks like the right photo below), then slide the front piece left, then up, and now, although it is easier by first sliding the bottom piece to the right, it can be twisted out without any further movement of other pieces.