Three Sticks Trapped

Designed by Stephane Chromine, made by Eric Fuller, 2011.
(Walnut and Yellowheart, 3" x 2.25" x 1.5")

The top two pieces are identical. Different assemblies are possible depending on how the top two pieces are rotated. In their easiest positions, the bottom piece can be removed in 8 moves. However, in one configuration, 12 moves are required to remove the bottom piece (given a reasonable way of counting rotations). Below are 9 of the positions for disassembly starting with the top piece rotated as the puzzle was shipped. Although the middle piece starts in its correct rotation for the final steps of disassembly, after pulling out and tilting down the bottom piece, the middle piece is rotated and drops down to allow the top piece to be rotated, and then the middle piece can be pushed up and rotated back so that the top two pieces are together and up to allow the bottom piece to be removed. Note that it now takes only 8 steps to put the puzzle back together by leaving the top two pieces in their existing rotations.