Get My Goat

a.k.a. Katch the Kaiser, Katch The Kron Prinz, ...
Patented by J. Wiley 1914.
(left: 2.9" x 3.75" x 7/16" cardboard box and 11 wood pieces 1/4" thick;
right: 2.9 by 3.75 by 3/8 inch cardboard box and 11 cardboard pieces 3/16" thick;
both box tops say "OFFICE 1058 BROAD ST. PROV. R.I. PAT. OCT. 6, 1914";
solution sheet of the red version says "Rust Craft Publishers, Inc., Boston, MA.";
shown on plate 6 of Hordern's book and page 134 of the Fifteen book;
similar to but a bit harder than the Bull's-Eye puzzle)

There are one 1x2 piece (in the upper right of the starting position), nine 1x1 pieces, and 1 keeper piece (center of the starting position). Both box tops have the same directions on the underside, that instruct one to move the goat to the middle:

Solution Sheet That Came With The Red Version

"Katch The Kaiser" Version

Inlaid Company, Providence, R.I., patented October 6, 1914.
(2.9" x 3.75" x 3/8" cardboard box and 11 cardboard pieces 3/16" thick)

"Katch The Kron Prinz" Version

"BRITISH MADE, Patent No. 14356/16 Appd. for."
(2.9" x 3.75" x 3/8" inch cardboard box and 11 cardboard pieces 3/16" thick)

"Put Hitler In The Dog House" Version

"Created by Zen", Bridgeport, CT, Copyright 1942.
(3.4" x 4.4" x 7/16" cardboard box with raised bottom and 11 cardboard pieces 1/8" thick)

Hordern's Get My Goat Solution (28 Moves)

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