Hordern's Edition Of The Hoffmann Book

Hoffmann's Puzzles Old And New
by Professor Hoffmann and Edited by L. E. Hordern

(Copyright L. E. Hordern, printed in Great Britain 1993,
8 by 10 inches, 256 pages)

L. E. Hordern has re-set in different type the material from the original 1893 Puzzles Old And New by Prof. Hoffmann (pen name for Reverend Angelo John Lewis), and organized it so the solutions come after the puzzle (instead of at the end of the chapter as in the original book) and photographs of corresponding antique puzzles are intermixed with the pages (e.g., two pages of material from the original book on one page and photographs on the facing page). The original figures are included, but with different numbering, and some but not all errors in the original book have been corrected. Here is the back of the jacket: