Honor And Glory

a.k.a. Black And White
Copyright Binray Arts 2002.
(originally "BLACK and WHITE" by K. Wells, Popular Mech. 1971; metal 1.75" x 3")

Here are every 6th step of a 42 rectilinear (57 straight-line) moves solution (note that the two O's of HONOR get exchanged in the process).

Here are every 8th step of a 56 rectilinear (74 straight-line) moves solution for the harder puzzle where every square is unique (as would be the case if the words were BLACK and WHITE); the second O of honor is represented by a Q (a 72 straight line moves solution is also possibe).

Here are every 6th step plus the final step of a 37 rectilinear (50 straight-line) moves solution for the easier puzzle when all three O's are interchangeable and the two R's are interchangeable:

Hordern's Solution
Hordern's book Hordern's book gives a 62 rectilinear moves (85 straight-line moves) solution for the BLACK and WHITE version; starting with HONOR on top and GLORY on the bottom, with each tile made uniqueue by labeling it also with the corresponding letters from black and white, here are the positions resulting from the 23 non-straight-line moves, and the final position: