Hungarian Olympic Rings

Produced in Hungary circa 1990's?
(plastic, 3.25 by 7.8 by 1/2 inches)

This generalization of the standard Hungarian Rings was also mass produced, but is harder to find as a collectible. The two shown above use the same set of colors, but have different numbers of each. The top one has 15 red, 15 blue, 14 green, 14 yellow, and 14 black, and the bottom one has 14 red, 14 green, 15 blue, 14 yellow, and 15 black.

The top one is solved as the two ring puzzle on the right with the other three rings attached; this allows for a solution that first uses the right two rings for "scratch space" to systematically solve the left three, and then solve the right two as with the standard two ring puzzle. In contrast, the bottom one shows a symmetric solution with the two 15 ball rings on each end. Both of these puzzles can be solved to have the black ring in the center as in the standard Olympic flag configuration; however, the bottom one will not have the correct overlapping pattern that requires the black ring in the middle to go under two other rings: