Infants' Hospital Puzzle

a.k.a. Infants Progress Puzzle
Chad Valley Co. Ltd., Harborne, England, 1920;
made for the Infants Hospital in Vincent Square, London, founded by R. Mond.

(cardboard box, 1/4" thick cardboard tray with 10 pieces, 6.75" x 5+7/8" x 9/16";
instructions on the underside of the box top;
Hordern's book gives the date and a 28 rectilinear /35 straight-line moves solution;
see also Dad's Puzzler - Exchange Version / Infants Hospital, Infants' Hospital - The Magic Line, A Ward Oin The Infants' Hospital, Infants' Hospital Jigsaw Puzzle)

Here is a 26 rectilinear moves (32 straight-line moves) solution:

Other Photos Of The Infants Hospital Puzzle

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