Kev's Snake Cubes

a.k.a. Snake Cubes, Serpent Cubes, Cubra Cubes
Designed by Trench Puzzles circa 1985, made by Jim Storer 1988.
(bloodwood, 2.8 inches assembled)

Twenty seven cubes are threaded together with an elastic cord to form a "snake" that can be folded up by rotating adjacent cubes with respect to each other; the object is to form a 3 by 3 by 3 cube (where none of the elastic cord shows).

Many puzzles are possible by threading different patterns. If you imagine the cubes alternately colored red, black, red, ..., then the solved 3x3x3 cube will have red cubes at the corners and the face centers. The Kev pattern is has a unique solution where the snake ends are face centers.

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