Kuroko And Dairu

Designed By Minoru Abe, purchased in Japan 2010.
(wood, 10 moving pieces, one fixed piece, and keeper, 5" x 9" x 7/8")

At the top is a lizard from a 2-unit wide and three 3-unit wide pieces. At the bottom is a lizard from a 2-unit wide piece, a 3-unit wide piece, a 2-unit wide piece, and a 4-unit wide piece. On the left is a 2-row high by 2-unit wide piece. In the middle row, two units from the left, is a 2-unit wide piece glued to the bottom. On the right is a 2-row high L-shaped piece has a 2-unit wide top and a 4-unit wide bottom. Here is the start, every 8th, and the final position of an 85 rectilinear moves (109 straight-line moves) solution to exchange the lizards: