Roalex Co., Forest Hills, NJ, Version 1 circa 1950's and Version 2 circa 1960's.
(Version 1 - 3" x 8" x 7/17" puzzle on 5.25" x 10.25" card,
Version 2 - 2+13/16" x 8+1/"8 x 1/4" puzzle on 5+3/8" x 10.5" card)

Mike Keith in his 2011 article (M. Keith [2011], "Vintage Plastic Sliding-Letter Puzzles"; Word Ways 44:4, 310-31; see also M. Keith [2012], "More Sliding-Letter Puzzles") discusses this puzzle, presents solutions that have a single long word per line, and other fun activities with this puzzle, including writing a short story constrained by the puzzle.

The Back of the Lingo Version 1 Card

Solutions on the Back Of The Version 1 Puzzle

The writing is faded and hard to read; here is what is there:

Mike Keith has pointed out that although the "solution" on the right is wrong (it has one too many of A,C,T, and leaves one two few of I,N,G), the second CAT could be replaced by GIN to make a legal solution:

Lingo Single Word Solutions From The Keith[2011] Article