Make A Dice

a.k.a. Spots Puzzle
St. Pierre & Patterson Mfg. Co. 1957.
(cardboard tray and nine 2 x 5/8 inch wood bars with recessed white dots;
shown as the "Spots Puzzle" on pages 98-99, 130-131 of the 1893 Hoffmann book)

Assemble nine 1x1x3 unit bars into a die; from left to right in the photo above, the dots are:
1. no dots
2. left end
3. top center
4. top center
5. top left, end right
6. top left & right
7. top left & right, end left & right
8. top left & right, end left & right, front right
9. top left & right, end left, front left & right
Here are close-up views of portions of the back of the box: