Mini Missing Link

Made by J. A. Storer, 2007.
(plastic, 1.5" square, 2.6" long)

Custom made by removing the center portion of a standard Missing Link puzzle. This makes a puzzle equivalent to the (much easier) 2-Section Whip-It Tower.

A fun to puzzle to make from left over parts from the construction of a puzzle such as the Doubled Missing Link, and could be made by using a new central spindle.

This particular puzzle made use of a version of the missing like puzzle in which the central spindle, rather than being solid and bumpy as is most common, is a smooth tube. The construction was very simple: Remove one sticker and end cap, take the puzzle apart, cut the spindle to just the right length, slide two sections onto the spindle with tiles placed appropriately, and screw the end cap back on with a 1" 6-32 screw. The screw has a loose fit in the tube but stays in place because it goes in an inch (and you can add glue if needed). The screw head and washer sit inside the recessed hole of the end cap, and the sticker is put back on to cover it up.

Here are the other two sides and the stickers on the ends: