Berserk BurrCirc

Purchased from Interlocking puzzles 2002.
(13 ply Baltic Birch rings 7.2", Australian Jarrah rods 2.25", 18 pieces)

Four 6-piece burrs connected in one dimension by a pair of rings. Requires multiple counter rotations of the rings to disassemble or assemble. Interlocking Puzzles said:

"The eight radial pieces have slightly angled notches and can be sorted into four right handed and four left handed pieces. The eight axial pieces have normal notches. The four unique higher level burrs are distinctly different. The lengths of the burr rods are greater than 6 units. If these were four stand alone burrs they would require five, four, or three moves to get the first piece out. One of them would also require three moves to get the second piece out. It is a fun challenge to assemble each individual burr onto the rings and then remove it before facing the larger challenge of the whole puzzle."

Solution sheets that came with the Berserk BurrCirc: