Neo Pink And Blue

Designed by Minoru Abe, this one made by J. A. Storer 2007.
(cardboard sleeve, Cherry tray, fixed 1/2x1's and 2x1 painted green, Oak PINK,
Bloodwood BLUE, Cocabola 1x1 & 2x1, black plexiglass keeper, 5"x5"x3/4")

Two 1/2x1 pieces and the 1x2 piece between the N and U are glued to the tray, and cannot move. Remove the 2x2 keeper piece and slide the pieces so as to exchange PINK and BLUE, leaving the blank 1x1 piece back in its original position:

As shown on the following page, it can be solved in 190 rectilinear moves (233 straight-line moves). Baxter's page shows the the original Abe version as well as many other Abe puzzles.

Further Reading
Baxter's Abe Gallery, from:

Neo Pink And Blue Solution

Designed by Minoru Abe, made in Japan 2013.
(cardboard box 4.3" x 4.3" x 7/8", wood tray, 10 wood pieces and wood keeper)

Neo Pink And Blue Solution
Here is the starting position, every 8th step, and the final position, after the additional rectilinear move is made to return the 1x1 blank piece to its original position:

(one rectilinear move = slide one piece along a rectilinear path;
this solution is 190 rectilinear moves, that consist of 233 straight-line moves)