Nine Puzzle
A smaller version of the Fifteen Puzzle.

Copyright National Periodical Publications, 1966.
(plastic, 9" square by 3/8" thick)

More Versions Of The Nine Puzzle

Alien, DaMert Co. 1993.
(plastic, 4 inches)

Praying Mantis.
(plastic, 3 inches)

Lisa Simpson.
(plastic, 1.9 inches)

Maggie Simpson.
(plastic, 1.9 inches)

The Nine Magic Square Problem
The 1985 patent of Morrone shows a version of the Nine Puzzle where instead of a missing square there are 9 pieces and an extra tenth position into which one can be slid so the others can move around like the standard Nine Puzzle; the patent also defines the object of the puzzle to arrange the pieces so that the numbers add to 15 in all directions. Below is an add for Phenyo Caffein (which was tucked into the pages of the green cover version of the 1893 Hoffmann book by some previous owner) that presents a 3x3 magic square puzzle. This puzzle is also shown on the back of the solution to the Misfit Puzzle (which was sold by Phenyo Caffein).

Further reading:
Morrone Patent, from: - patent no. 4,548,410