Nine Mens Morris

a.k.a. Mill, Muhle, Merelles / Merilles, Mulino
Very old game, this set made by J. A. Storer, 1995.
(12.5 by 12.5 by 1/4 inch wood board, 6.75 by 2.25 by 1.5 inch wood box,
1.25 inch white and red poker chips;
king is not used, it is for Tablut on back of board)

Board: Three concentric squares where the midpoints are connected by lines; the intersections are the playing points:
Pieces: Nine white and nine black chips.

Play: Players alternately place their chips on a vacant point. When all chips are on the board, the game continues by players alternately moving one of their chips to an adjacent point. Whenever a player forms a row of three chips (horizontal or vertical, but not diagonal), called a mil, an opponent's chip that is not in a mil may be captured (and never returns to the board).

Win: A player wins if the opponent has no legal move or has only two chips left.

Game variations:

Other Versions of Nine Mens Morris
Five Men's Morris:
Each player has 5 chips; don't use the outer ring of the board.
Eleven Men's Morris:
Each player has 11 chips; add diagonal lines to the board that connect the corners of each ring
Twelve Men's Morris:
Like 11 Men's Morris but each player gets 12 chips (game is a draw if both players place their all their pieces with out forming mils (filling up all 24 points).

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