Copyright xxx, this set made by J. A. Storer, 2005.
(x" diameter poker chips glued together; used with a chess board)

Board: An 8 by 8 board (e.g., a chess board where square colors are ignored).

Pieces: 64 identical discs with different colors on opposite sides.

Starting Position:
Move: Players move alternately by placing a piece of their color adjacent to a piece of the opponents color (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) so that at least one outflanking can be performed. An outflanking consists of flipping all all opponent pieces between the piece you placed and another one of your pieces in a given direction (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally). You must move if you can; if no move is possible you forfeit your turn. Once a piece is placed, all pieces that can be flipped, must be flipped.
Example: If black places a piece on the square marked x, then three outflankings are performed (one north, one north east, and one east).

Win: When it is no longer possible for either player to move, the game ends, and the winner is the one with the largest number of discs showing his or her color.