Parallel Dimension

Family Games Inc. 2005.
(nylon cord, wood ball and block, 1/8" diameter metal wire, 6 inches)

Referring to the photo above, a left and right arm are joined along the bottom by a third wire piece. A cord goes from the ball, around the left arm, around the right arm, through the block to a ring. The block cannot pass through a ring but the ball can; however, it is only the ring on the right arm through which the ball passes in solving the puzzle (the ring on the lower right just serves to prevent one from flexing the right arm and passing the ring on the right arm around the bottom). The goal is to remove the ring from the right arm.

The solution passes the ball through the ring twice; first to get the ring from around the right arm to around the cord, and second to follow the cord out to the left and off over the ball. Here is the solution that came with the puzzle: