a.k.a. Jackpot
Patented by Seyhan 2006, purchased from Mefferts 2007.
(plastic, 4.5 inches;
both have tips A, K, Q, J and faces clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades;
a "collectors" version on right has faces colored green, yellow, red, blue)

Both the tips and faces can be rotated:

Jaap's Page presents a solution and relates it to that for the Dino Cube, Rainbow Cube, and Brain Twist. Mefferts has made a number of versions of this puzzle and gives four challenges for the Jackpot version that is shown on the right above:
1. Match all four card suites on each side.
2. Match the same 3 outside card suites to different card suite centers.
3. Line up all the J (Jacks) Q (Queens) K (Kings) and A (Aces) on each of the 4 apex columns.
4. Line up the matching color bars in 6 locations around the center core.
Mefferts has sold other "collectors" versions, and also versions with electronics where lights go on when a side is solved.

Further Reading
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