Port To Port And Triple Cross

Patented by F. Lammertink 1996, copyright Binary Arts 1995.
(plastic, 4 inches by 6.25 inches by 7/8 inches thick)

The central portion of the puzzle is a 2 by 7 array of tiles, which can slide left or right by one unit. In addition, there are a pair of plungers that each have an array of 3 by 2 tiles where 4 of them intersect the main 2 by 7 array at columns 2 & 3 and columns 5 & 6. Pushing on them reverses which one is up and which one is down (i.e., when one is down the other is up). The goal for Port To Port is to move the boat from one side to the other. The goal for Triple Cross is to form a line and circle (or to start with an easier challenge of just binary arts tiles together, just the line, or just the circle); here is a photo of a gray body version mixed up:

The directions that were sold with Port To Port give a 30 step solution, and the directions that were sold with Trip Cross describe basic move sequences. Jaap's Page presents a solutions for both puzzles.

Port To Port Directions And Package

Triple Cross Directions

Triple Cross Box Cover

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