Copyright by xxx, this set made by J. S. Storer 2000.
(11.1" wenge board with 25 cherry 1.2" cubes)

Board and pieces: A 5x5 array of cubes; each cube has an X on one side, an O on the opposite side, and the other four sides are blank.

Starting position: All cubes have a blank side facing up.

Turns: Players X and O alternate moves.

Move: 1. Remove a cube from the outside edge that is blank or has your symbol on it. 2. If the cube is blank, turn it so your symbol is on top. 3. Push the cube back at the other end of the same column or row to cause the cubes in that column or row to slide back into place (so there are two possible moves when a corner cube is removed and three when a side cube is removed):
Win: You win when you make a move that causes a row, column, or diagonal to have all five cubes with your symbol on top, with the following two exceptions:
1. If the player fails to announce that 5 in a row has been formed before the opponent moves, it doesn't count (and another move must create 5 in a row before the player can win).
2. If a player causes the opponent to have five in a row, player loses if the opponent announces it.

Further Reading
Similar game in the Obermair Patent, from: www.uspto.gov - patent no. 4,210,337