Richter Numbered Puzzles Summary
The manufacture for the Richter Anchor Puzzles began in the 1890's, where the puzzles numbered above 17 were made in the World War I era. The 1893 Hoffmann book describes the Anchor, Circular, Cross, Pythagoras, and Tormentor puzzles (and also the Star Puzzle). A history of the Richter puzzles is presented in The Anchor Puzzle Book by Jerry Slocum (see also the Slocum and Botermans books). The puzzle boxes were made with a variety of cover art (see the following page), although the stone pieces, made with the Richter Co. patented process, are the same. Perhaps what made these puzzles so popular were the fun booklets that came with them, giving a host of shapes to make.

Here is a booklet that came with the Anchor Puzzle, and also a corresponding solution booklet that one could purchase by mail:

Generally, booklets have more or less the same cover art as the box top, but not always. For example, on the left and middle are booklets for versions of the Tormentor and Cross Puzzle that look very different from the corresponding box top, and on the right is a booklet for a version of the Anchor Puzzle that has blank covers (and nothing inside besides the problem figures):

Here are two examples of additional work booklets that came with the Anchor and Lightning Conductor puzzles:

Examples of Different Richter Box Styles
Some box themes were highly regular; here are some examples (the last one in the first row is used on boxes numbered above 17, and the others for 17 and below, where the last three in the second row are dated in the The Anchor Puzzle Book as relatively late versions first made in 1922, 1925, and 1932 respectively):

Other themes used fun graphics (e.g., people thinking, specialized graphics, cartoons); here are some examples (all used on puzzles numbered 17 and below):

Richter Anchor Puzzle Shapes 1 - 17

Richter 1
"The Nine"

Richter 2
"Lightning Conductor"

Richter 3
"Egg Of Columbus"

Richter 4
"Patience Prover"

Richter 5
"Trouble Killer"

Richter 6
"Heart Puzzle"

Richter 7

Richter 8
"Anchor Puzzle"

Richter 9
"Circular Puzzle"

Richter 10
"Cross Puzzle"

Richter 11
"Not Too Hasty"

Richter 12

Richter 13

Richter 14
"Be Quiet"

Richter 15

Richter 16
"Magic Egg"

Richter 17
"Wrath Breaker"

Richter Anchor Puzzle Shapes 18-36

Richter 18

Richter 19
"Ende Gut, Alles Gut"

Richter 20
"Pass Auf"

Richter 21
"Eile mit Weile"

Richter 22

Richter 23

Richter 24

Richter 25
"Nur Mut"

Richter 26
"Bose Siben"

Richter 27
"Ritze Ratze"

Richter 28
"Frisch Gewagt"

Richter 29

Richter 30

Richter 31

Richter 32
"Wer Wegt Gewinnt"

Richter 33
"Fur Kluge Leute"

Richter 34

Richter 35

Richter 36

Shapes Shown In An Old Richter Brochure
Here are pages from an old Richter Brochure (courtesy of Jerry Slocum, Puzzles Old And New, Copyright 1986, page 28); see also The Anchor Puzzle Book by Jerry Slocum.

Shapes Used To Make The 36 Richter Anchor Puzzles
Here (and on the following page) are the shapes used to make the 36 Richter Anchor Puzzles (courtesy of Jerry Slocum, Puzzles Old And New, Copyright 1986, page 28); see also The Anchor Puzzle Book by Jerry Slocum.

Shapes Used To Make The 36 Richter Puzzles, Continued
(second half of the figure from Puzzles Old And New, Copyright 1986, page 28)

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