Richter Piccolo Nr. T1

a.k.a. Richter Picco Nr. T1
F. Ad. Richter & Co., Germany, early 1900's.
(cardboard box 2.125" x 2.125" x 3/8", 8 stone pieces, and problem sheet;
the Anchor Puzzle Book dates this puzzle as first made in 1913;
puzzle tray slides into the right side of the box with a small tab to pull it out;
top and bottom of box edge says "Richter Rudolstadt";
same pieces in a smaller size as Richter 13 Tormentor;
problem sheet has 26 shapes, where problem 11 shows how to pack into the box)

The first of three miniature Richter puzzles referred to as Picco or Piccolo (Nr. T2 is the same as Richter 12 Pythagoras; and Nr. T3 is the same as Richter 8 Anchor Puzzle; with the parallelogram piece divided into two triangles); see the Anchor Puzzle Book.

Further Reading
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