Richter Star Puzzle

Richter Company, Germany, 1890's / early 1900's.
(cardboard box 3.75" x 3.75" x 1/2", 48 stone pieces, and booklet;
the Anchor Puzzle Book dates this puzzle as first made in 1892;
described on pages 87-90, 122-124 of the 1893 Hoffmann Book;
16 white right triangles, 8 white wedges, 8 black wedges, 16 black quadralaterals;
inside of the cover shows how to pack the pieces into the box;
inside of the box bottom has an add for "Dr. Richter's Pain-Expeller";
booklet has multi-language text inside covers and on pages A to Q at the front,
and 48 pages with 153 shapes to make)

Like Blumenspiel (using curved pieces) and Meteor One (using marbles), more of a two-dimensional building set than a puzzle.

Star Puzzle Booklet Pages

Star Puzzle, Continued

Different box and booklet cover art from the puzzle of the preceding page,
but otherwise the same)