Designed, made, and sold by Stewart Coffin in 1970's and early 1980's.
(Mahogany, 6 pieces, 4 inches;
one of 6 puzzles purchased during a visit with the designer in the early 1980's;
handwritten on the directions Stewart Coffin says "second, nicks and scratches, poor fit";
of course, as you would expect, the puzzle looks great and has a good fit)

Described in Stewart Coffin's book The Puzzling World of Polyhedral Dissections; here is some of what he says in the directions that came with the puzzle:
"Examine the six individual puzzle pieces and note that there are three identical pieces which we shall arbitrarily refer to as "left-handed" pieces, and three right-handed pieces likewise identical except that one of them has a tapered hole with a pin stuck into it. To assemble the pinwheel solution, first remove the pin and set it aside. Sub-assemble the three left-handed pieces into one sub-assembly, and the three right-handed pieces into another, and mate the two halves. The resulting solution has an axis of symmetry. The other symmetrical solution, known as the Rosebud solution, requires the simultaneous manipulation of all six pieces."