a.k.a. Taquinoscope
Patented by Raoul Raba and copyright by Pentangle, England, 1977.
(plastic, 5.6 inches diameter by 1/8 inches thick;
front has three circles and back has Pentangle promotional graphics,
although sometimes this one was made with triangles on the back)

Three intersecting discs can rotate; the goal is to mix up the puzzle and restore it to the original pattern. Usually has a pattern of three circles on the back side and was made with different graphics on the front, including Concord plane (below), Marilyn Monroe (below), snake, serpent, wool mark, Sam Loyd, triangles containing figures. Jaap's Page presents a solution.

Further Reading
Jaap's Page, from:
Rabal FR Patents 7730347, FR2463632, FR2489164, FR2490102, from:

The Rotascope Case
The puzzle came in a 1/4 inch thick flexible plastic case with a cardboard insert to hold it. The back of the case (shown below) describes the puzzle, gives some solution hints, mentions some puzzle history with regards to the Fifteen puzzle and Rubik's Cube, and shows copyright information.